The Importance of Locating Reliable Sources

Having good sources of information is important. Why? Because, we, as humans, have a need to consume knowledge. If that knowledge is flawed, then it might cause injuries even worse, death. For example: you are walking on the sidewalk. Suddenly, someone right in front of you collapsed. That person is not breathing, what would you do? Some people would go start doing CPR, others would call 911. If you have the right knowledge and information, you would know. It is important to read from the right articles, read from the right books and read from the right websites.

How do we know what information is good and what information isn't? Although, not all websites, research articles, etc. are credible. We should look for information or sources that are well known and well-accepted, up-to-date, and are written by credible authors such as researchers, scholars, doctors, news reporters and alike. Credible people, who agree on the information or source given, are good too. Sources not older than 5-10 years is ideal for you to read. If only, we read these kinds of reliable sources then, we can pass on credible information onto others.